About us

BinduSar yoga is a friendly urban sanctuary, where yoga, ayurveda and natural therapies inspire well-being.

BinduSar yoga is an Indian based yoga and Ayurveda school from Rishikesh (Yoga capital of the world), India. The school was founded in 2003 at the bank of Ganges in Rishikesh.

In 2013, BinduSar yoga has opened its first yoga studio in Budapest, Hungary at Oktogon. In 2014, the school has moved close to famous Andrássy Avenue, to Jókai Square, in a much conductive environment for yoga and Ayurveda at the heart of Budapest city.

‘Yoga’ translates as the union of body and mind. The effects of yoga & ayurveda have been described over centuries in India. They help to promote a healthy body and a clear mind. Those who attain inner balance often find the strength and tranquility to master an exhausting daily life.

BinduSar yoga provides authentic and quality teachings in field of yoga & Ayurveda with authentic and highly trained Indian and western teachers from around the globe.

Our teachers and therapists are LIVING THE PASSION, to bring healthy body and happy mind to our students and clients.

At our studio, from the sweet smell of incense to the genuine smiles at reception, you will feel that you are at right place!