The Unbreakable Core of Vinyasa Krama

The core plays an essential role in our yoga practice either in terms of asanas or pranayama. Understanding the core of the body and muscles involved can bring smooth transitions (vinyasa) between 2 postures.

BinduSar yoga school of India brings their exhaustive work on the core with this workshop for regular students of yoga practice.

Activating your core will help make your yoga practice more fluid and keep your back healthy and active. You will explore, the missing link in smooth transitions, balancing poses, backbends, and inversions is a strong core. Training your core muscles is much more than just getting a flat abdomen, it’s about creating endurance, power, will, and stability throughout the whole body, enabling freedom of movement and supporting your back, freeing you from back pain — this way students can enjoy Vinyasa-based class like ashtanga, krama or flow.

The workshop contains: 2.5 hours
1. Intensive practice of Core muscles based postures (not recommended for absolute beginners)
2. Understanding of Key core postures for daily practice to build it strong.
3. Anatomy of core
4. Application of breathing and bandhas on the core.
5. Pranayama and breath retention

Date and time:
June 222019, from 9:30 -12:00

Bindusar Yoga, Jokai ter. 3. Budapest 1061

Price :
6900 Ft (Early bird June 15)

Regular price: 8000 ft

Studio pass: 19000 pass (3 classes deduction)

Prior reservation and processing of fee is required either at reception or by bank transfer.

Bank transfer :
Mukesh Kothari, e.v
Raiffeisen Bank
Bank account no. 1201 0824 – 0123 8375 – 0010 0002 IBAN: HU79 1201 0824 0123 8375 0010 0002