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Moola workshop ( The Hip opening): February 16, 2019

 with Mukesh Kothari

Moola is ‘The root’ in Sanskrit, Mulabandha and Mooladhara chakra forms the basis of yoga practice in sense of physical and spiritual work.

A very unique class on work of iliopsoas called in Yoga as spiritual muscle, control our daily activities, decisions and thinking.

This special class is a combination of Hip opening yoga techniques to release inner stress and relaxation.
The class will help you to understand and practice from basic to intermediate hip opening postures in a dynamic form
It can be easily achieved if one’s hip are open and are capable of sitting consistently for longer periods. The hip opening is a unique sequence, that will be practice during this special class in Yang and Yin form.

The moola bandha and its application will be taught with deep focus of releasing the hip stiffness.

This class is recommended for people with tight hips, for those who are trying to master Padmasana (Lotus), understanding mulabandha (Root lock), restorative (YIN) and Dynamic (YANG) based class.

The contents of the workshop:
1. The vinyasa krama based flow based Yang sequence, mainly focusing on opening of the hip opening and roots.
2. Theory and adjustments involving hip rotation, adduction and abduction, explained with anatomy.
3. The workshop is intensive in nature and involves moon salutation.
4. The last part of the workshop is Yin based, bringing the deep fascia release.
5. Practice of Moola bandha at the end along with a pranayama.

Date and timing:
Feb. 16, 2019 at 9:30-12:00

The language of instruction:

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After feb 13. 6500 ft.

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