Mukesh Kothari is a spiritual counselor for some and yoga guru to others….He considers himself as yogasadhaka, sadhaka’s are practitioner who believe in Patanjali’s words of “abhyasa vairagya tannirodha”: Practice with the sense of detachment leads to success in yoga. Mukesh Kothari is teaching yoga since from 2002.

Mukesh Kothari started teaching in Rishikesh at awakening caves, later has taught and conducted various yoga activities in various esteemed organizations and places that include Ananda in the Himalayas, Mspa Radisson, Moscow, Mumbai and several other places in order to spread the awareness towards the self realization and healthy living through Yoga and other Indian ancient sciences.Mukesh is born in Rishikesh "The yoga capital of world" a town in Himalyas.

He teaches yoga in various styles of Hatha yoga, Ashtanga Viniyasa, and Tantra yoga. He was introduced to yoga and ayurvedic life since from his childhood due to family and social environment, as his father is a doctor in ayurvedic system. He started learning yoga concepts at an early age under the guidance of Swami Hanumant Giri.

Mukesh Kothari has a high influence of yoga and spirituality during his school education of 14 years at school of Honorable Swami Omkarananada Saraswati ( urge to know the yoga at deeper level took him to Sukhdevanand college of Yoga and Naturopathy, Parmarth Niketan under the guidance of H.H Swami Chidananda sarawati maharaj ( from where he attained his Diploma in Yoga and Naturopathy with intensive studies on yoga and ayurvedic therapeutics, followed by completion of his university in various subjects.

Mukesh later learned various modern styles intensively such as Ashtanga, Power, Kriya and Iyengar yoga.Mukesh has done his training in astrology and its applications under the guidance of Professor pandit R.P Painuly at Rishikesh.Last few years he has devoted himself studying the relationship of macro and micro cosmos through Hora science, an ancient art of vedic astrology. This has founded the basis of Bindusar yoga that explains the relationship of Planets, chakras and Human self, through the right adjustment of all three once attain bliss in aspects of physical, spiritual, emotional and social parts.Though he studied many different styles and science such as Yoga, Astrology, Tantra , Mantra and Buddhism, he believes in whole and multi dimensional development of human beings is required for a blissful life that can be easily attained through the integrated system of all above.His classes include dynamic practices of Asanas, Pranayama , Mudra and Bandhas with the deep knowledge of ashtanga yoga in form of philosophy, psychology and mysticism behind this ancient practice.

Mukesh is teaching in Hungary from July 2008, and in Budapest he has started from July 2009.