Tickets & Passes

Student, Pensioner
Before noon 2 500 Ft 2 500 Ft 1 occation
1 occasion 90′ 3 000 Ft 2 500 Ft 1 occation
5 occasion 11 000 Ft (2200 Ft/occ.) - - 2 month
10 occasion 19 000 Ft (1900 Ft/occ.) - - 2 month
Unlimited ** GOLD 20 500 Ft  - 1 month
 Abhyanga 60′  11 500 Ft  Full body warm oil massage
Neck & Back 40′ 9 000 Ft Work on discomfort area
 Shrio abhyanga 75′  13 000 Ft  Head and body treatment
Elakhizi 90′ 16 000 Ft Full body bundle massage therapy - - 4 month
1 occasion Pass
Yoga 60′ (max. 2 ppl) 11 500 Ft 5 + 1 occasion – 57 000 Ft - - 60 days
Yoga Therapy 90” 15 000 Ft 5 + 1 occasion – 76 000 Ft - - 60 days


Loyalty discount

We reward the loyalty of our yoga practitioners!

You get 5% or 10% discount from the price of our massages and treatments!



** The pass is valid for 30 days and for all scheduled yoga classes (except for workshops, courses, other occasional programs)

***The price of the private yoga classes or yoga therapies is not refundable if canceling happens less than 12 hours before the booked time!

We reserve the right to change according to the needs of our Studio!
The passes are non-refundable, not extendable (except for those listed above) and are not transferable!
The passes cannot be suspended under any circumstances (sadly even not by illness)!
All guests agree the policies of our Studio by purchasing the tickets/passes!

We reserve the right to change the policies.

Studio Policies

Dear All,

Please take a look at our class policies.

  1. All class passes are non-refundable, non-extendable and non-transferable in all cases. We are not able to extend your class passes in all cases, please consider well before buying a class pass either Monthly (30 days) or Standard (90 days).
  2. We will close our reception 5 minutes before the class begins and studio’s door will be locked to keep our students and their belongings safe. If you are late, we wouldn’t be able to open the door for you, if you ring the bell.
  3. Our monthly unlimited passes are valid for 30 days, and it doesn’t include an extension for national holidays and Fridays when we .
  4. We give places for classes on first come first basis. We advise you to arrive minimum 15 minutes before to secure your places. We don’t accept prior reservations through phone calls or emails.
  5. Before leaving changing rooms and lockers, please assure that you have taken all your items and clothes. We will not be responsible for any items displaced or lost. If we found things, we keep it for 2 weeks in a box at changing room.
  6. Please be careful with your lockers keys. In case the key of the locker is displaced or lost, we have a right to charge 5000 ft as a penalty. On some days, we cannot provide you replacements keys immediately due to technical reasons.

Thank you for your understanding !

Bindusar yoga  team